Clothing Label Instructions

Iron-on clothing labels are the perfect way to prevent lost property, particularly with school uniforms. The success of a clothing label though can often come down to the application process. However if you follow these step by step clothing label application tips your newly labelled clothes will be ready to withstand whatever your kids, the washing machine or time may throw at them!

Before applying any clothing labels make sure you pre-wash new clothes and then ensure they’re absolutely dry before starting.

Step 1

Place the clothing label on your garment in the spot you would like to apply itClothing Labels Step One










Step 2

Cover the entire label with baking paper or a towel so the iron doesn’t affect the label

Clothing Labels Step Two









Step 3

Press heavily for 20-30 seconds while ironing at the hottest temperature recommended for the garment.

Clothing Labels Step Three


Successful application depends on Dry Heat, Time and Pressure. So remember:

  • No steam
  • Press heavily on the iron
  • Allow the clothing label to go cold before touching it

Other important tips to ensure you get the best out of your clothing labels

  • Once you’ve applied you clothing labels, the recommended wash temperature for those garments is below 60°C (cold or warm wash only).
  • Caution is needed when using tumble driers or washing machines with a heat drying action as this may affect adhesive quality of the label.
  • For industrial machine washing it is advisable to stitch the corners of the clothing label to avoid lifting.
  • Your labels have a shelf life of 1 year if stored between 10-25°C.


For those clothing items that undergo excessive stretching or serious wear and tear there is another option – Stretchable Iron-On Clothing Labels. These are made from an extra-stretchy material that makes it perfect for clothing such as swimming costumes and caps, spandex, bike shorts, sportswear, tights, goggles, hats etc

Stretchable Clothing Labels









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